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Project description
xbsprite is a sprite image generating stand-alone application and plug-in for Expression Blend 3. Sprites are generated from XAML templates and combined in a single raster image with optional CSS and HTML output.

- XAML templates:
- generated files: button.png, button.css

Minimum requirements
- Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 or other OS that supports .NET 3.5
- Microsoft .NET 3.5 or later
- Microsoft Expression Blend 3

How to install
Create a folder named "Addins" in Expression Blend directory and copy plug-in files to that folder.

If Expression Blend directory is located in "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Expression\Blend 3\" then create "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Expression\Blend 3\Addins\" directory and copy files "Sprite.Blend.Addin", "Sprite.Blend.AddIn.dll" and "Sprite.Control.dll" into that directory. So the copied "Sprite.Blend.Addin" should be located as "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Expression\Blend 3\Addins\Sprite.Blend.Addin".

How to use it
When the plug-in is installed open Expression Blend, go to "Window" in menu and check the "Sprite Generator" item. A panel named "Sprite Generator" appears.

Create xaml documents named as "[name]_[state]" where [name] is a descriptive name of the content and [state] is current state of the drawn context (e.g. normal, hover, selected). Name and state can only contain alphanumeric letters and hyphens.

In "Sprite Generator" panel set input directory to the directory where xaml templates are saved, set css class names, optionally check the "Build CSS" and "Build HTML" then finally click "Generate sprite". Output files are generated in the selected output directory.

Suppose that there are files "rssnormal.xaml", "rsshover.xaml", and "rss_selected.xaml" in directory "D:\temp\sprites\". Set input directory to "D:\temp\sprites", output directory to "D:\temp\sprites\Generated", check "Build CSS" and "Build HTML" then click "Generate sprite". A browser with preview opens. Copy generated files to your project.

All units are pixels (px).
Settings are saved to registry: HKCU\Software\Avivo\xbsprite
This is a beta version and not fully tested. Please, report any problem at the project's website.
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xbsprite screenshot

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